Theme Park Expo Japan

Japan Theme park Expo 2016 was officially launched at Big Sight West Hall Tokyo at 10 o'clock in the morning TST. ...
Theme park Expo 2016

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Japan Theme park Expo 2016 was officially launched at Big Sight West Hall Tokyo at 10 o’clock in the morning TST. The exhibition organizers held a grand opening ceremony to welcome each and every exhibitor who took part in the event.


Wherein, majority of the visitors were local Japanese, there was only one Exhibition Hall hosting all the exhibitors from mainly China and Japan.

Exhibiting items included game stations, dinosaur ornaments, VR experience devices, and other entertainment facilities to name a few.

Empire Media was present to the show as one of the official media associates of the entire event.


During the show, Empire Media engaged with many of the onsite exhibitors by communicating with them through formal interviews to learn and report about theme parks trends and also to gather opinions on expectations to bring home the future business prospects. At the same time, Empire Media also briefly talked about their own branding and business background.

What interesting to mention is the conversation with CQ Amenic Co., Ltd.

As one of the pioneers of amusement part developer, CQ Amenic Co., Ltd was established in 1990. The company started as a business partner for Amusement parks and Theme parks in Japan. In addition to traditional Amusement parks and Theme parks, CQ Amenic Co., Ltd. also provides entertainment solutions for major sightseeing facilities, shopping malls.


With the recent demand for Japanese high quality standards in amusement equipment and construction management, CQ Amenic Co., Ltd. has expanded in export / imports of ferris wheels and other amusement equipment. The demand for Japan made equipment is growing constantly, therefore CQ Amenic Co., Ltd. has countless offers for partnership.

As CQ Amenic Co., Ltd. also operates facilities in Japan, it welcomes proposals from manufacturers of amusement equipment from overseas. CQ Amenic Co., Ltd. can offer equipment to owners and operators of Amusement facilities within Japan. There are projects within Japan and in rapidly growing Asian countries. CQ Amenic Co., Ltd is not just a company that exports equipment and proposes construction management of amusement facilities. With experience and credibility in the highly demanding Japanese market, it can provide total support in Guest service with high quality hospitality and Sales Promotion. In the growing market of Amusement Facilities and Shopping Malls, CQ Amenic Co., Ltd. looks forward to more collaborations on an international scale.


Amongst the visitors, the representative of Pasona Group Inc, Mr. Ryuji Sakata visited Empire Media’s booth to have deep and thoroughly conversation with Empire with regard to their future plans of theme park developments as well as their worldwide expansion marketing plans.

The show ended at five o’clock on 8th December TST.

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