Empire Media FAQ

Here is a short list of the most frequently asked questions about Empire Media.

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About Advertising with Us

Sure, we’re not the largest news media network out there but we’re definitely the largest Peer-to-Peer (P2P) business news media site. We currently have over 2,000 qualified writers and that number is growing at a rate of 6 % on a monthly basis!

At Empire Media the readers are all carefully screened before ending up in our database and www.empire-empire.com is not our only platform – we have other networks such as Empire TV and various social platforms as well. Since we want all our clients to have access to all our resources the price of a comprehensive package is more affordable for them than a PPC payment model.

Empire Media advertising, as any other form of advertising, is a business investment and as such, it has no iron-clad guarantees. However, we can guarantee that you will see at least 100,000 views on your Complimentary Article on Facebook every month.

It’s an article written about your business or your service from an unbiased point of view by one of our great writers. As such, it has far greater credibility than other forms of advertising.

About Our Writers

In a nutshell, it’s all about the support that Empire Media provides them with during and after the article has been written. Most of our contributors are not professional writers and the fact that Empire Media pairs them with accomplished editors, videographers, and other professionals really puts them at ease and enables them to focus on getting their idea out there without having to worry about grammar, spelling, image curation, and other things.

We’re interested in quality business-world stories that help people make informed decisions about various industries. For that reason, we prefer to work with industry professionals who are interested in sharing their unique knowledge and insights.

There is no screening involved but our contributors need to have an above average grasp of the English language and they need to be established professionals in their industry.

Empire Media cares about transparency and honesty. That means that we encourage our contributors and writers to get verified. The verification process is done when the writer submits a copy of their pay slip and a copy of their ID card – both are checked with the appropriate authorities and if everything is alright the author byline below the article states that the writer has been verified by Empire Media.

Established professionals who have a good command of the English language and want to share their knowledge with the world are eligible to be an Empire Media writer. They also have to be at least 28 years of age with 5 years of working experience. 3 out of those 5 years need to be in the same industry.

About the Articles on Empire Media

Empire Media is active on numerous social and hiring sites and we have direct access to thousands of professionals in various industries. Everyone who expresses a desire to work with Empire Media and meets the requirement is asked to contribute.

All our writers are paid above market value – we want to make sure that they are motivated and that every article is unique and brings some new information to the table.

Those articles go through a series of proofreads and edits to iron out grammatical inconsistencies and style but key points, ideas, and writer personality are left untouched.

We can say, without a shred of doubt, that all our articles are 100 % original. Our editors have access to software that lets them check content against everything that has been digitally published. This helps us to publish unique content consistently and terminate cooperation with writers who plagiarize or spin articles from the web. Every article goes through 3 edits and, on average, it takes 3 hours for an article to get a seal of approval from our editorial team.

About Our Readers

With Empire Media being a peer to peer network it is only natural that one side of the equation is populated by our faithful readers. Most of them are young professionals pursuing careers in various fields of the business world but our readership demographic encompasses all ages, creeds, industries, and parts of the world. Most readers fall into a 28 – 65 years-old category, are still working, and have been working in the same industry for over 5 years.

People are interested in the real news from industry professionals – news that is not tempered by an editorial pen and isn’t embellished so it sounds nice. Our writers provide us with great industry stories hot from the factory floor and our editors make sure that it is all written in an easy-to-read manner and is mistake-free. That is what makes our content so easy to read and relate to.

P2P news networks are hard to market, that is true. That is also why Empire Media attends numerous events and participates in exhibitions that can give us exposure. Every year, we are present at more than 30 exhibitions and we organize at least 5 events ourselves. This results in exposure to over 30,000 visitors each year.

We try to do at least 2 voluntary rounds of data-collection every year through our newsletter and Facebook group. Last data shows that Empire Media readership averages 30.5 year-olds with an average yearly income of $ 87,800.

Our main objective is to publish exceptionally good articles and we feel that our readers recognize that. Right now, our readers hail from more than 80 countries and that number is constantly growing.

About Empire Media

The main reason for that is the fact that Empire Media caters to business people and doesn’t get the number of monthly visits other media sites get. We operate on something that is very similar to a B2B model of doing business – lower on quantity but exceptionally good when it comes to quality.

The other part of the reason is that Empire Media now strongly focuses on Empire TV and readable apps for business warriors on the go.

We set about to create the world’s largest P2P business media site and that is what we did! It was accomplished without hiring a single professional writer as all our contributors are employed professionals who work in different industries and tell their stories through our site.