Bitcoin Cash Fund launches to speed up crypto adoption

A new tool to help with widespread Bitcoin Cash (BCH) adoption is now available. The website was created by the Bitcoin Cash Fund (BCF) as a vehicle to...

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A new tool to help with widespread Bitcoin Cash (BCH) adoption is now available. The website was created by the Bitcoin Cash Fund (BCF) as a vehicle to provide education to businesses as well as individuals on BCH and how it can be used as a secure, decentralized method of payment.

In a press release, BCF board member Paul Wasensteiner explained, “We’re excited that will assist consumers and businesses to use Bitcoin Cash anytime, anywhere. Bitcoin Cash is digital money that offers better features than traditional fiat cash. Vendors in places like Venezuela and other high-inflation environments are starting to use BCH to make payments without having to go through a third party such as a bank, government or payment service.”

The goal of the website is to expand the cryptocurrency’s ecosystem by being a one-stop shop for everything necessary for expansion. provides information on how to buy/spend BCH, educational material for new users, information on the necessary resources to use the digital currency and how people can participate. It also provides details on supporting and volunteering to assist in the expansion of the community.

The website includes several important sections. There is an Introduction section that goes in-depth into what BCH is and how it works. There are also different sections on using BCH, getting involved and a myriad of details on the different resources available to both new and seasoned users.

According to the press release, “The [BCF] understands the need to bring everything created by the Bitcoin Cash community all in one place. is going to be very important for those learning to navigate through the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. There are a ton of different projects, exchanges, and different ways to interact with BCH which can get confusing for even the seasoned [BitcoinCashers].”

BCH is the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. As of May 26, the market cap was almost $17.6 billion and it is available on all major cryptocurrency exchanges. Compared to a number of cryptocurrencies, BCH transactions typically only take a few seconds, offering transactions fees that range from less than one penny to a few pennies. Thanks to the hard fork last month, the BCH network can now scale millions of transactions per second.

The non-profit BCF distributes donated funds to projects that target BCH promotion. It is a grassroots marketing organization that is community-centric and looks to have BCH serving over one billion users in the next five years.


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